Free Live Trading with FXCM

We’re excited to officially announce the integration of QuantConnect with FXCM Brokerage. This integration allows QuantConnect to offer free live trading to FXCM clients, giving tens of thousands of traders access to powerful algorithmic trading technology entirely for free.

Free Live Trading

Combining the our powerful open source algorithmic trading platform LEAN with the experience and direct market access (DMA) that FXCM offers is an exciting opportunity. Over the past months we’ve worked to bring the best possible experience to FOREX traders by improving our backtesting modeling, building out our indicator libraries and adding a powerful data library to access free market data.

Free Data Library

The Data Library allows QuantConnect users to download free FXCM FOREX and CFD data since April 2007. The data comes in tick, second, minute, hour or daily resolution and is in a format ready to be used with LEAN. This allows a FOREX trader to design and test a strategy on their own computer using the same data as the QuantConnect backtesting engine.





By: Jared Broad

Founder & CEO

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