By: Jared Broad

Founder & CEO


Iterate Quickly

Working in a start-up is incredibly rewarding. You’re constantly creating something from nothing and being forced to concentrate. We did a critical review of the website and realized there were gapping holes so spent the long weekend pruning the bad code, and rebuilding it based on the Twitter Bootstrap. Iterate quickly is a great mantra, but it’s easier said then done!

We’ve made a beautiful new Market Page using the widget styling, tidied the dashboards, profiles and algorithm pages, remade the superficial pages (blog, team, contact). One of our favourites is the new landing page using splashes of blue. We’ll be polishing this up in the next two weeks and doing extensive A/B testing to settle on a final design.

It’s tricky designing a site correctly. We’ve critically, and painstakingly questioned every part of our strategy, objectives and clients and hope we are getting closer each day.


The concept validation we received in New York was priceless so Danielle and I have designed a polished pitching document we’ll be using to help raise funding. It’s a very exciting time to be involved; we’re showing people the incredible potential in QuantConnect. With a lot of your help, suggestions and networking we’re in a really good place to grow this into something amazing. You can find us on Angel List.


As always, your feedback is very welcome. Please have a look at the site and let me know what you think – critical feedback welcome!

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