Founded in 2011, Quantopian Enterprise is an online, open-source algorithmic trading platform with backtesting tools for trading strategies. Before terminating their online community in October 2020, Quantopian had 45 employees and over 200,000 users.

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Asset Classes

Equities, Forex, Crypto, CFD, Options, Futures, Future Options (coming soon)

Equities, futures

Data Resolutions

Daily, hour, minute, second, tick

Minute, daily

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Brokerages Available

Interactive Brokers, OANDA, FXCM, GDAX, Bitfinex, Alpaca


Supported Languages

C#, Python


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Backtesting Engine


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Alpha Streams is a global marketplace where Quants and Funds meet. Quants offer their alpha (algorithms) for licensing, and Funds can quickly locate crowd-sourced strategies that fit their target criteria. QuantConnect acts as an independent third party to verify the strategy performance, and run it out of sample in our production environment on live market data.

Alpha Streams licensing is performed with a monthly subscription, prorated on a daily basis. Funds can manage their subscriptions programmatically, licensing your Alpha as their models require. QuantConnect directly charges the funds a 30% fee for reviewing, hosting, and serving the algorithms. Charging funds directly ensures as much licensing revenue is passed back to you, the creator, as possible.


Competing Bids

Listing your Alpha gets you on a market place of world leading quantitative funds competing to license your strategy


Exclusive Mode

You set a monthly subscription fee for your Alpha for non-exclusive mode and a second price for funds to take it exclusive


Diverse Mandates

By distributing to a network we can find funds interested in multiple strategy types, asset classes and trading horizons


Deploy Strategy to Live

Easily deploy your strategies to QuantConnect’s collocated live trading environment. We handle everything so you can focus on your strategy development.


Execute on one of the 6 supported brokerages or by paper trading


6 supported asset classes: equities, futures, options, Forex, CFD, and crypto


Securely hosted with professional grade infrastructure and data feeds


More than $3.5B volume traded


More than 65,000 live algorithms hosted

Interactive Brokers Brokerage OANDA Brokerage FXCM Brokerage Coinbase Bitfinex Exchange Tradier Brokerage Trading Technologies

The LEAN Framework

QuantConnect’s LEAN Algorithmic Trading Engine is a desktop-cloud hybrid algorithmic trading platform designed in C#. LEAN is capable of trading on the US or International market, and is highly modular and customizable to best fit your needs.


Survivorship Bias Free

Automatic accounting for splits, dividends and corporate events like delistings and mergers


Universe Selection

Avoid selection bias with dynamically generated assets. Create and select universes on proprietary data and indicators


Portfolio Management

Automatically track cross asset portfolio performance, profit and loss, and holdings


Asset Class Support

LEAN has support for 7 asset classes including Equities, Forex, Crypto, Futures, and Options


Import Custom Data

Backtest on almost any time series and import your proprietary signals into you algorithm


Powerful Modeling

Everything is configurable and plugable. LEAN’s highly modular foundation can easily be extended for your fund focus

Join a global community of 119,100 quants to learn and share ideas and techniques

Converse with the brightest minds in the world as we explore new realms of science, mathematics and finance. The QuantConnect community is the world’s largest quantitative trading movement, empowering quants around the world.