Im trying to use RSI in a stratey...always getting the same error:   Runtime Error: NameError : name 'RSI' is not defined

Same issue in the tutorial 200-50 EMA Momentum Universe , if I excange ExponentialMovingAverage with RSI  I get the same error



class SelectionData():
#3. Update the constructor to accept a history array
def __init__(self,history):
self.slow = RSI(200) = ExponentialMovingAverage(50)
#4. Loop over the history data and update the indicators
for bar in history.itertuples():[1], bar.close)
self.slow.Update(bar.Index[1], bar.close)

def is_ready(self):
return self.slow.IsReady and

def update(self, time, price):, price)
self.slow.Update(time, price)