Hi, I'm new to Quantconnect.

1. I've looked at the documentation and am still a little confused as how to (for forex) buy at a certain price. Would I do this by submitting a StopMarketOrder or LimitOrder? What is the difference between StopMarketOrder and LimitOrder for quantconnect? They both Submit/fill when teh price is reached but a limit order will fill if the current price is better than the one we set. How does it consider what is better? If my number was the close *.999m is beter less than or greater than, or does that depend on whether my quantity is positive or negative?

2. If I wanted to cancle an order after a certain amount of days, lets say 3 days or something, from when it was placed how would I go about doing that? Do order tickets hold the date that they were placed/filled or do I have to manually manage that?

Thank you!