Python Syntax error self._changes = SecurityChanges.None


I am new to Quantconnect and trying to port my algorithms from Quantopian. Found interesting discussion from Alexandre Catarino about porting which is really helpful. But still, the python documentation doesn't list all functions etc. Struggling a bit to learn and understand...

While trying to do a universe selection, came across this in one of algos "self._changes = SecurityChanges.None". But the compiler is throwing error "Build Error: File: Line:29 Column:39 - SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Tried search an find more information, but couldn't find any. Anyone in same boat and figured this?



Update Backtest

hmm its true it really does not work anymore without problems.

but search for some recent algos and clone that ones to take a look how it is done:

when you click through the examples the quantconnect provides here:

you will get to this one:

Update Backtest


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