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Problem is that in some years the opening hours differ from what is currently stated inĀ 


In some years, e.g. 2014, there was an extra 15 minutes beyond the 17:00 close. So the real close was 17:15 (I have data on my computer that runs until that very minute, e.g. for 2014-04-07).

In 2009 there seems to have been no hourly break at all, according to my data. In 2010 the break lasted only 30 minutes from 17:30 till 18:00 etc. etc. etc. The data might very well be available in your database, but the session file cuts it off (this is what I understand is happening anyway, I'm not getting the data outside these session times in my consolidated bars).

The real historical session times can probably be figured out from the data, or should be provided by your data provider.