Hi guys,

I'm working on a proof of concept were I trade several pairs on qunatconnect, pair selection happens on my own cloud servers for computing power. To transfer the pairs to be traded I would like to move the selected pairs to my algoritm. I found an example that I thought might be nice at:


to keep things simple I'm aiming at a proof of concept of moving the tickers via dropbox to the algoritme. I have uploaded a dummy file to dropbox (publically availible). however somewere it goes wroing because i keep getting.

"Runtime Error: symbol must not contain the characters '|' or ' '.
Parameter name: symbol (Open Stacktrace)"

File has no spaces or other weird stuff, and the code should not introduce any of these (because nothing is actually happening). I added a some logging to the algo to see were it breaks and it looks to not be able to download, on the forum I found that the self.Download() is not availible in research so no luck debuggin the issue there :( 

I have been looking for quite some time but have no idea were to find the error, anyone got some advice or experience solving this, or this type of issue?