Hello everybody, 
I hope I didn't offend you with this rather pessimistic title :)

Unlike a lot of people here, I'm not a trader/economist who is learning to code but rather the opposite.
I am a developer who is learning to trade.

I've been developing a strategy for several months now (using the trading view pinescript and recently in python after discovering QC).
I've came up with a strategy that (to me) looks coherent and functional.

My algo has a winning trade percentage of ~75% after backtesting it on many different markets be it stocks or crypto.

But here is my question:
What's the point of trading in a market where the best strategy would be to buy and hold?

Here are some example:
- AMZN     backtest since 2010      Net Profit: 573%         Buy & Hold Return:   2403%
- AAPL      backtest since 2010      Net Profit: 439%         Buy & Hold Return:   1415%
- TSLA       backtest since 2010      Net Profit: 1083%       Buy & Hold Return:   7444 %
- MSFT      backtest since 2010      Net Profit: 119%          Buy & Hold Return:   597%
- BTCUSD   backtest since 2016     Net Profit: 1506%        Buy & Hold Return:   3411%
- LTCUSD   backtest since 2016      Net Profit: 203%         Buy & Hold Return:   1511%
- ETHUSD  backtest since 2016      Net Profit: 25171%       Buy & Hold Return:   9893%   (the exception to the rule)

Should I consider a strategy that does not outperform the market as invalid?

I hope to learn a lot from you all, Thanks.