Okay. Ultimately, here is my problem and goal.

I am currently working with hourly data consolidated from Resolution.Minute in my algorithm. The reason for this is because I need access to hourly extended market data and Resolution.Hour does not offer this.

So, for a specific example, I am able to use my algorithm on UPRO hour data from 4am-8pm.

My ultimate problem is this: How can I see accurate and detailed graphs displaying the exact data that my algorithm is being presented during runtime?

Obviously the graphs displayed at the end of the backtest leave much to be desired for this purpose. (4000 max points and a granularity that will miss much of the specific detail that I am looking for). They are good for general sanity checks, but not close inspection.

Currently, I use TradingView to look at detailed graphs regarding the market. They have a fantastic interface. However, as far as I can tell, they only show extended market data from ~7:00am - ~7:00pm. Regardless if this number is a bit off in general, TradingView does not (as far as I can tell) show the same data being offered by QuantConnect (5:00am - 8pm)

As you can probably guess, this is sort of an issue when trying to look at a detailed chart. I'm using 50 and 200 EMA indicators and 14 period RSI. This additional extended market data included in my algorithm, but not included in TradingView will obviously produce marginally different values at any given point. Not ideal.

I have also taken a look at QuantConnect's research.ipynb to see if I can produce better graphs from the same data, but I have run into an issue. Since I am using consolidated data, I have to consolidate the minute history into hourly history. However, it seems I have to use pandas DataFrame ohlc resampling (method shown in the research section of the documentation) to perform the consolidation. Regardless, this method of history consolidation appears to be different than the one performed during algorithm execution. For UPRO, the closing price between the two methods was off by ~$1 at any given point.

Because of the obvious logging limitations, I can't even have the algorithm debug the values at every hour to be graphed offline by another program (excel, etc).

Does anyone have any tips, tricks, helpful resources, or suggestions for what I am asking? Maybe another application aside from TradingView that offers the full extended market hours data? Thanks!

tl;dr - I need accurate and detailed graphs displaying the stock / indicator values being used by my algorithm.