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HikkakeModified Class
Hikkake Modified candlestick pattern
Object Model
HikkakeModified ClassIndicatorDataPoint ClassSymbol Class
Must have: - first candle - second candle: candle with range less than first candle and close near the bottom(near the top) - third candle: lower high and higher low than 2nd - fourth candle: lower high and lower low(higher high and higher low) than 3rd The returned value for the hikkake bar is positive(+1) or negative(-1) meaning bullish or bearish hikkake Confirmation could come in the next 3 days with: - a day that closes higher than the high(lower than the low) of the 3rd candle The returned value for the confirmation bar is equal to 1 + the bullish hikkake result or -1 - the bearish hikkake result Note: if confirmation and a new hikkake come at the same bar, only the new hikkake is reported(the new hikkake overwrites the confirmation of the old hikkake); The user should consider that modified hikkake is a reversal pattern, while hikkake could be both a reversal or a continuation pattern, so bullish(bearish) modified hikkake is significant when appearing in a downtrend(uptrend)
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Target Platforms: Microsoft .NET 4.5 or Mono 3.10 or above.

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