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MatHold Class
Mat Hold candlestick pattern
Object Model
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Must have: - first candle: long white candle - upside gap between the first and the second bodies - second candle: small black candle - third and fourth candles: falling small real body candlesticks(commonly black) that hold within the long white candle's body and are higher than the reaction days of the rising three methods - fifth candle: white candle that opens above the previous small candle's close and closes higher than the high of the highest reaction day The meaning of "short" and "long" is specified with SetCandleSettings; "hold within" means "a part of the real body must be within"; penetration is the maximum percentage of the first white body the reaction days can penetrate(it is to specify how much the reaction days should be "higher than the reaction days of the rising three methods") The returned value is positive(+1): mat hold is always bullish
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Target Platforms: Microsoft .NET 4.5 or Mono 3.10 or above.

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