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RiseFallThreeMethods Class
Rising/Falling Three Methods candlestick pattern
Object Model
RiseFallThreeMethods ClassIndicatorDataPoint ClassSymbol Class
Must have: - first candle: long white (black) candlestick - then: group of falling(rising) small real body candlesticks(commonly black (white)) that hold within the prior long candle's range: ideally they should be three but two or more than three are ok too - final candle: long white(black) candle that opens above(below) the previous small candle's close and closes above(below) the first long candle's close The meaning of "short" and "long" is specified with SetCandleSettings; here only patterns with 3 small candles are considered; The returned value is positive(+1) or negative(-1)
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Target Platforms: Microsoft .NET 4.5 or Mono 3.10 or above.

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