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ThreeWhiteSoldiers Class
Three Advancing White Soldiers candlestick pattern
Object Model
ThreeWhiteSoldiers ClassIndicatorDataPoint ClassSymbol Class
Must have: - three white candlesticks with consecutively higher closes - Greg Morris wants them to be long, Steve Nison doesn't; anyway they should not be short - each candle opens within or near the previous white real body - each candle must have no or very short upper shadow - to differentiate this pattern from advance block, each candle must not be far shorter than the prior candle The meanings of "not short", "very short shadow", "far" and "near" are specified with SetCandleSettings; here the 3 candles must be not short, if you want them to be long use SetCandleSettings on BodyShort; The returned value is positive (+1): advancing 3 white soldiers is always bullish; The user should consider that 3 white soldiers is significant when it appears in downtrend, while this function does not consider it
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Target Platforms: Microsoft .NET 4.5 or Mono 3.10 or above.

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