QuantConnect Lean Algorithmic Trading Engine
Inheritance Hierarchy
QuantConnect.Brokerages.Tradier Namespace
Class Token response model from QuantConnect terminal
Class Account Type Margin Settings:
Class Account Type Day Trader Settings:
Class Account Type Margin Settings:
Class Common Account Settings.
Class Inside "Account" User-account balance information.
Class Trader Balance Detail:
Class Tradier Brokerage - IHistoryProvider implementation Tradier Class: IDataQueueHandler implementation Tradier Class: - Handle authentication. - Data requests. - Rate limiting. - Placing orders. - Getting user data.
Class Provides an implementations of IBrokerageFactory that produces a TradierBrokerage
Class Gets tradier values from configuration
Class Single days properties from the calendar:
Class Container for the days array:
Class Start and finish time of market hours for this market.
Class Calendar status:
Class Dividend event in history:
Class Tradier event model:
Class Tradier deserialization container for history
Class Common base class for events detail information:
Class Events array container.
Class Tradier fault object: {"fault":{"faultstring":"Access Token expired","detail":{"errorcode":"keymanagement.service.access_token_expired"}}}
Class Wrapper container for fault:
Class Error code associated with this fault.
Class Account only settings for a tradier user:
Class Gain loss class
Class Gain loss parent class for deserialization
Class "Bar" for a history unit.
Class Container for deserializing history classes
Class Journal event in history:
Class Current market status description
Class Option event record in history:
Class Intraday or pending order for user
Class Detailed order type.
Class Detailed order parent class
Class Leg of a tradier order:
Class Deserialization wrapper for order response:
Class Errors result from an order request.
Class Order response when purchasing equity.
Class Order container class
Class Order parent class for deserialization
Class Individual Tradier position model.
Class Position array container.
Class Empty class for deserializing positions held.
Class Quote data from Tradier:
Class Container for quotes:
Class Tradier Search Container for Deserialization:
Class One search result from API
Class One data packet from a tradier stream:
Class Create a new stream session
Class One bar of historical Tradier data.
Class Container for timeseries array
Class Trade event in history for tradier:
Class User profile array:
Class Account only settings for a tradier user:
Class Model for a TradierUser returned from the API.
Enumeration Account classification
Enumeration Account status flag.
Enumeration Tradier account type:
Enumeration Rate limiting categorization
Enumeration Tradier event type:
Enumeration Historical data intervals for tradier requests:
Enumeration Tradier options expiration
Enumeration Tradier options status
Enumeration Tradier option type
Enumeration Class of the order.
Enumeration Direction of the order (buy, buy_to_open, buy_to_cover, buy_to_close, sell, sell_short, sell_to_open, sell_to_close)
Enumeration Length of the order offer.
Enumeration Status of the tradier order. (filled, canceled, open, expired, rejected, pending, partially_filled, submitted)
Enumeration Tradier order type: (market, limit, stop, stop_limit or market) //credit, debit, even
Enumeration TradeBar windows for Tradier's data histories
Enumeration Market type of the trade:
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