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Lesson Overview

Using a universe selection filter, we will invest in the top 8 stocks which are liquid and cost more than $10 per share. To do this we will use coarse universe selection features.

What You'll Learn

  • Using universe selection data (“coarse fundamental data”)
  • Sorting an array of coarse fundamental objects for its 8 most liquid symbols
  • Monitoring how your universe of securities change
  • Allocating and liquidating securities in your universe
  • Configuring properties of the universe data requested

Lesson Requirements

We recommend you complete the Opening Range Breakout lesson and previous beginner lessons before starting this lesson.

Lesson Content

Setting Up Universe SelectionStatus
Setting Up a Coarse Universe Filter
Understanding Coarse Fundamental Objects
Monitoring Universe ChangesStatus
Tracking Security Changes
Building Our Portfolio
Customizing Universe SettingsStatus
Customizing Universe Settings

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