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Lesson Overview

In this lesson we will implement a buy and hold strategy on FOREX assets - exploring how to request FOREX data; set your brokerage models, leverage and placing your first FOREX trades.

What You'll Learn

  • Requesting forex data, specifying your data resolution, and asset market.
  • Setting a brokerage model to mimic real life trading constraints.
  • Accessing bid and ask quote information from data.
  • Rounding orders to the nearest lot size required by the brokerage.
  • Submitting a limit order and calculating position size.

Lesson Requirements

We recommend a working understanding of C# or Python, and to have completed the Lesson: Buy and Hold with Equities.

Lesson Content

Initializing the AlgorithmStatus
Request Forex Data
Set Brokerage Model
Accessing the DataStatus
Accessing Quote Prices
Placing the OrderStatus
Applying Lot Size Rounding
Placing Forex Orders

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