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How does it work?

Alpha Streams™ connects you with a marketplace of quantitative funds, competing to license your insights.
Submit your alpha for review, and be hosted in the Alpha Streams™ Marketplace for funds to license.

Design and submit your alpha
QuantConnect reviews and hosts your signals
Funds license your alpha signals

Alpha Focused

Focus on building the interesting part of your algorithm; the alpha. Improve your core signal and let the funds worry about how to apply it to their portfolio.

Enhanced Distribution

Securely distribute your work to a network of funds on QuantConnect Alpha Streams™. Using a network increases the chances of finding your match.

Predictable Revenues

Funds pay subscription fees to license your alpha, regardless if they trade on it giving you more stability so you can focus on creation.

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Build your Alphas with the full power of the

QuantConnect Framework

The QuantConnect Framework bakes in key quantitative finance concepts, giving you a well defined scaffolding to design your alpha.

Portfolio Selection *

Curate your asset universe

Alpha Creation *

Derive your asset signals

Portfolio Construction

Form position sizing

Execution Module

Intelligently execute

Risk Management

Monitor ongoing risk
* Only Portfolio Selection and Alpha Modules are required for Alpha Streams™

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Your Intellectual Property Is Secure

QuantConnect Alpha Streams™ serves as a neutral platform. We host your alpha, and provide it live data to generate alpha signals. Funds can subscribe to your strategy via API but can never view the source code of your algorithm. We carefully vet and contractually protect quants from firms reverse engineering their signals.

As always, your algorithm intellectual property remains your property.

Gain Funding From World Leading Hedge Funds

Competing Bids

Listing your Alpha gets you on a market place of world leading quantitative funds competing to license your strategy.

Exclusive Mode

You set a monthly subscription fee for your Alpha for non-exclusive mode; and a second price for funds to take it exclusive.

Diverse Mandates

By distributing to a network we can find funds interested in multiple strategy types, asset classes and trading horizons.