Community Driven Tutoring: By the Community, For the Community

We are pleased to announce that tutoring for the community will be back by popular demand. While it will look slightly different than our previous program, we understand the need for skilled tutors to help the community learn LEAN and QuantConnect’s API. 

Previously QuantConnect staff members served as our tutors. This was a great way to work closely with the community and learn your pain points but was ultimately unsustainable. We will now be relaunching with the community filling the need to perform tutoring. This means reliable QuantConnect community members will be setting aside time during their week to take bookings for remote tutoring sessions. 

We’ve decided to move in this direction because our community is full of talented individuals who are willing to assist other quants in their journey through LEAN. We all start in different places in our learning experience, and the tutors we have selected are ready to help share with the community their knowledgeable experience of QuantConnect, with 100% of the tutoring revenue paid to the tutors.

These sessions are intended to complement the free-resources we have made available, like boot camp lessons in the IDE, boot camp code-along videos, development environment tutorials, research to production blog posts, the strategy library, and our Udemy course

Different tutors have different pricing, as well as different services offered. Services range from beginner/advanced dives into the QC framework, strategy and project consultation, developing simple/complex algorithms, portfolio optimization, and more. The purpose of these sessions is not to code your algorithm for you, but to develop a plan to facilitate your growth and equip you with the tools necessary to further your skills in quantitative trading. 

To launch we’ve listed three tutors, which can be found in the community forum:

If you’re interested in becoming a QC tutor, please email for more information.


By: Lexie

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