New Low-Latency FIX Integration to Atreyu

Announcing a new integration for professional traders:* QuantConnect + Atreyu Holdings Group. Develop and validate strategies with QuantConnect’s powerful LEAN engine. Then route orders to Atreyu over cross-connected fiber optic cable to fill on major U.S. exchanges, ATS, and dark pools. Atreyu also offers one of the lowest fee structures in the industry.

There is no additional cost to connect to Atreyu through QuantConnect. To launch the integration, Atreyu will sponsor 30 QuantConnect “Trading Pack” subscriptions, a value of $280 per month. To receive the sponsorship, quants will need to open a new account at Atreyu. If you want to take advantage of this offer, contact us! We’ll be happy to help you connect to the right person:

Harness prime brokers, such as Axos and ABN, with one click through this powerful integration. Now you have a new partner—Atreyu—in your search for alpha. 

Check out our tutorial and user guide:


User Guide

Happy coding!

*To use the integration, quants must meet the “professional trader” standard and maintain a minimum credit balance.


By: Carey

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