Providing Boston College Students With Real-Life Quantitative Trading Experience

At QuantConnect, we’re always interested in how our users are deploying our institutional-grade technology. With Organizations, QuantConnect is more flexible and customizable than ever before, allowing you to scale up and down your resource use as your team grows.

At Boston College in Boston, Mass., Assistant Professor Tzuo Hann has recently begun teaching “Computational Investing,” a course that works with QuantConnect. The class, as it is open for upper-level students of any discipline to take, does not require prior programming knowledge. The only requirement is to be interested in quantitative finance and building skills that allow them to automate an investing strategy. 

The class started the semester with another platform but transitioned to QuantConnect in the middle of the semester. The class’s main focuses include programming skills, portfolio evaluation, optimization, and discussion of commonly used strategies. For the duration of the class, students work on a semester-long project in which students create a strategy to backtest. 

As they began the second half of their semester with QuantConnect, students were able to see a multitude of benefits in their learning experience, stemming primarily from their final project. Students cited being able to backtest and see live data regarding their strategies as being the most rewarding part of their experience. Being able to see a wide variety of statistics about their strategy was key to understanding various impacts on a strategy’s performance. As some of the students are beginners, their mandatory assignment of completing Bootcamp tutorials also improved their understanding of how quantitative trading works. For their final projects, students said the strategy library was helpful in assisting with selecting strategies to base their project on. 

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By: Lexie

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