Terminal Link: A Game-Changer

Every QuantConnect initiative has the same goal: empowering quants. We’ve been quietly working on another project that will disrupt the status quo and further that goal. Now we’re excited to announce that QuantConnect has created a plug-in that renders our powerful LEAN engine compatible with the Bloomberg™ Desktop API (DAPI). We call this specific plug-in “Terminal Link,” though our community will call it a game-changer. Bloomberg™ is not affiliated with QuantConnect, nor does it in any way endorse Terminal Link.

Bloomberg™ is not affiliated with QuantConnect, nor does it in any way endorse Terminal Link.

Access Prime Brokerages with LEAN

The Bloomberg™ “Execution and Order Management Network” (EMSX™) is a trade routing technology that connects to 1,300+ liquidity pools and prime brokerages via a FIX connection. LEAN users with a Bloomberg™ Terminal and Desktop API (DAPI) permissions can now harness more brokers and liquidity pools by using the QuantConnect Terminal Link plug-in to make the two products compatible.

Quant Research on an Independent Platform

When Terminal Link facilitates the combined use of LEAN and DAPI, it provides access to research notebooks, point-in-time backtesting, live trading, and parameter optimization for desktop quantitative research. Standard Bloomberg™ data compliance requirements apply. See below for details.

  • Use your Bloomberg™ data access to do quantitative jupyter research with LEAN’s API
  • Backtest, optimize, and trade on LEAN, with data sourced from the Bloomberg™ DAPI
  • Route trades to the EMSX™ network via Terminal Link

Choosing LEAN for your fund’s algorithmic trading engine ensures you are free to move to other data sources and order routing networks. Avoid vendor lock-in simply by swapping out the Terminal Link plug-in for any other in the QuantConnect ecosystem. The radically open-source nature of LEAN gives you the freedom to adapt and extend LEAN to meet your fund’s needs.

Get Started

Be one of the first 100 subscribers to Terminal Link, and your subscription will be just $1 per month through December 31, 2021. In April 2022, subscriptions will renew at the standard rate of $325 per month. 

Subscribe to Terminal Link

To get started navigate to the pricing page and select “Build Your Own Pack” to add the Terminal Link to your organization account. Navigate down to the modules and you’ll see the Terminal Link module.

When you add this module to your plan it will be available to use with the LEAN CLI. If you’re not familiar with the LEAN CLI – watch our introduction video, it brings the best of local and cloud development with a simple open-source pip package.

We’re excited to pioneer an independent, open-source algorithmic trading technology for our community, and are grateful for your continued support.

Happy trading.

QuantConnect Team

Compliance Notes: Bloomberg™ is not affiliated with QuantConnect, nor does it endorse Terminal Link. All users of the integration must hold a Bloomberg™ License to be defined as an “Entitled User.” All products must be used in accordance with established licensing terms set by Bloomberg™. All data accessed via the Bloomberg™ Desktop API must remain on the host computer. The Bloomberg™ Terminal and the LEAN instance must be on the same computer. The Bloomberg™ Server API cannot be used for black-box trading. Any Bloomberg™Server API Data usage will require soliciting permission via the Bloomberg™ Permission System. QuantConnect requires installing the LEAN GUI along with any Terminal Link subscription.


By: Carey

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