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In live trading mode we allow sending Email, SMS and Web-Hook notifications to notify you of significant events. You can send up to 20 notifications per hour. These are only sent during live trading.

Method Code Snippet
SMS Notify.Sms(string phoneNumber, string message);
Email Notify.Email(string address, string subject, string message, string data = "");
Web Hook Notify.Web(string address, object data = null);

//Send yourself an email on live trade executions
Notify.Email("", "Live Trade Executed", "Bought 100 Shares of AAPL");
Notify.Sms("+1 1234 5678", "SPY Trade at " + data.Bars["SPY"].Close);
#Send yourself an email on live trade executions
self.Notify.Email("", "Live Trade Executed", "Bought 100 Shares of AAPL")

# Example sending notification with price with slice obect from inside OnData
# Try not to do this; it'll send hundreds of sms!
def OnData(self, slice):
  self.Notify.Sms("+1234567890", "BTCUSD Price at " + str(slice["BTCUSD"].Close))

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