Community Ambassadors are QuantConnect members who have demonstrated expert ability in answering community questions. They provide valuable insight to members in the community forum and our Discord server. They assist members by investigating algorithm issues and providing development guidance. To join the Community Ambassador team, contact us.

Leaderboard Ranking

Community Ambassadors are ranked based on a general measurement of how helpful they are to the community members. The Community Ambassadors are ranked on a weekly basis. Ambassadors with the highest weekly rankings are designated as Gold Ambassadors and Ambassadors with the lowest weekly ranking are designated as Silver Ambassadors. To view the leaderboard for the current week, open the forum homepage and then scroll down to the Community Ambassadors section.

To view the profile page of an Ambassador, click their profile image on the leaderboard.

Currently, only forum responses are considered in the ranking algorithm, but we are working on incorporating responses in the Discord server into the ranking algorithm.


Community Ambassadors are paid on a weekly basis based on how they ranked during the week. Gold Ambassadors receive 10,000 QuantConnect Credit (QCC) per week and Silver Ambassadors receive 5,000 QCC per week.

You can also see our Videos. You can also get in touch with us via Discord.

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