Ticker SUP
From 2020-06-30 00:00:00
Security Type Equity
Market USA
Resolution Fine Fundamental
Status Waiting Review

I am pulling fundamental data on 1 Oct 2020. The information should be sourced from the 30 Jun 2020 10-Q, as 30 Sep 2020 10-Q information is not available on that date.

I think theĀ Fine.FinancialStatements.BalanceSheet.TotalLiabilitiesAsReported.ThreeMonths number looks wrong. It is $122,508,000 in QC, but in the 30 Jun 2020 10-Q, it is $967,680,000 ($216M Current Liabilities, $656M Long-Term Debt, $7M Income Tax Liabilities, and $89M Other Non-Current Liabilties).

Their Balance Sheet is incredibly, incredibly confusing, but I'm pretty sure the QC number is dramatically understating the company's actual liabilities.