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QuantConnect is a global open source community of engineers, data scientists, and mathematicians. Since 2013, these quants have used our robust web backtesting and live trading platform to deploy strategies across equities, futures, options, FX, and crypto.

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Finance, Revolutionized

Alpha Streams a powerful API for licensing crowd sourced algorithms. A simple call can license a single factor to cover a model's blind spot, or an entire strategy to explore a brand new asset class.

Proprietary Datasets

Upload proprietary datasets and engage the community in analyzing them, exclusively licensing the Alpha obtained for your fund.

Powerful Strategy Search

Use a REST API to search for Alphas by hundreds of criteria including performance, correlations, author employment background, and metadata.

Simple Licensing

All Alphas have simple fixed monthly licensing fees, priced at market rates. Subscribing is as simple as an API call.

Automated Alpha

Automate your Alpha search to evolve efficiently. Import backtest and out of sample signals to verify the Alpha in your own research engine.

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