Upload Your Quantopian Code to QuantConnect

Upload your Quantopian export directly to QuantConnect and we’ll create the associated projects for you.

We’d like to ease your transition from Quantopian to QuantConnect. This tool will copy all your Quantopian projects into your QC account. Once done our support team can help you convert them to our API.

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Migration Process


Download your Quantopian Code

Navigate to your Quantopian Account page here, and scroll to the bottom to find a zip package of all your zipline projects. Save this package somewhere you'll remember as you'll need to select it next.


Upload to QuantConnect Migration

Upload the export package to QuantConnect's migration tool by clicking on the large gray button above. Select the zip package and click save. We support uploads up to 20MB and up to 800 projects.


Convert Projects to LEAN's API

Within a few minutes your Quantopian projects will be located under your /migration folder in your project list. Now start migrating the important ones to QuantConnect with the assistance of our team and documentation .