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Democratizing Finance, Empowering Individuals


We believe in revolutionizing the financial industry with collaboration and radical openness, empowering people and harnessing the creativity of a talented community. We do this by sharing beautiful open-source engineering with an organic community of quantitative finance professionals from around the world. We provide a place where people can be challenged, gain recognition for and profit from their efforts and connect with others interested in the same topics.


We believe bright minds come from everywhere. We know that great talent isn’t found only in New York or the Ivy League. QuantConnect aims to provide an opportunity for a diverse community of brilliant thinkers to learn, show off their skills and do fulfilling work. We nurture a global community of quantitative engineers to build algorithms and contribute to the LEAN code base. The community shapes the technology design and helps bring the project to fruition in our open-source, decentralized, hybrid-cloud environment.

QuantConnect will anchor this global community; educating, concentrating and collecting the insights of the brightest minds to become a global factory of alpha. Funds will compete for these bright minds in a lightning-speed Darwinian evolution to find and fund strategies through an API, giving individuals income from their work at scale.


We believe fund management professionals will increasingly seek powerful new technology to design investments and manage their positions. Driven by investor and regulatory pressures, funds will demand efficiency, automation and accountability. Rather than reinvent complex technology, we envisage QuantConnect powering these investments with our open-source platform, LEAN. By serving financial technology companies, investment funds and brokerage trading platforms, the LEAN API will become a ubiquitous element at the core of the financial industry, providing a common foundation for efficient algorithm design.

Meet the Team

We believe in making the markets safe to invest by giving investors the most powerful investment tools available. By democratizing powerful algorithmic trading technology we are enabling any engineer to design a strategy. We are a small, bootstrapped team so if you believe in our vision we'd love your help and support, please contact us, or post to the forums.

Jared Broad

Founder, CEO

Gustavo Avilés

UX Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer

Stefano Raggi

Senior Software Engineer

Alexandre Catarino

Senior Quantitative Developer

Martín Molinero

LEAN Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer

Gerardo Salazar

Software Engineer

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If you are passionate about algorithmic trading and love solving difficult challenges we'd like to hear from you. Check out the positions below.

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Frontend Developer

Building exciting user facing products to empower QuantConnect users.

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