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End to End Quantitative Trading Infrastructure

Founded in 2012 as a peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading site, Bitfinex has grown into a global crypto exchange. Bitfinex provides financial trading tools, as well as access to peer-to-peer financing, an OTC market, and margin trading for a variety of digital assets and derivatives. The company supports trading on 232 crypto pairs and is one of the top exchanges in terms of daily volume.
QuantConnect offers an integration to Bitfinex for quants who may want the additional flexibility of a platform that provides peer-to-peer financing and access to hundreds of crypto pairs. This integration means you can backtest and perfect your algorithms with our LEAN and then effortlessly deploy your strategy on Bitfinex.

Integrate Bitfinex using few lines of code

class BasicTemplateAlgorithm(QCAlgorithm):
def Initialize(self):
‘‘‘Initialise the data and resolution required, as well as the cash and start-end dates for your algorithm. All algorithms must initialized.’’’
def OnData(self, data):
‘‘‘OnData event is the primary entry point for your algorithm. Each new data point will be pumped in here. data is a Slice object keyed by symbol containing the stock data’’’

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End to End Quantitative Trading Infrastructure

The QuantConnect integration with Bitfinex provides a complete, end to end, quantitative trading infrastructure following the entire quant research journey.

Starting with Research, QuantConnect provides robust Jupyter Lab research notebooks to load Bitfinex historical data since 2013, curated and updated by our data engineering team. Through partnerships QuantConnect is able to offer the data for download to perform research on-premise.

High accuracy backtesting with full spread and fee modeling can then be performed on premise or in the QuantConnect cloud tapping our 5GHz backtesting machines. You can explore alternative crypto datasets to harness their alpha.

Our co-located, institutional quality, live-trading environment can securely host your strategy and connect with the Bitfinex API's through redundant 10GB dedicated internet connections, giving your unparalleled security and comfort in your live trading.

Trade with Deep Platform Support

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Live Trading Professionals

Since 2014, QuantConnect has pioneered live trading of quantitative strategies hosting more than 150,000 live strategies and trading more than $1B notional volume every month. We have a track record of awesome uptime, with many strategies being online for 18 months straight before requiring maintenance or rebooting. This level of commitment to your strategy stability sets QuantConnect apart in the world.

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Easily create bespoke notifications on algorithm activity and strategy movements.

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Telegram Alerts

Create your own telegram bot to stream notifications of your strategy to your private channels and groups.

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Webhook Events

Call API’s and external servers to trigger services based on your trading strategy activity with our web hook alerting.

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Rich Order Support

Route orders to Bitfinex with a standard API, through QuantConnect’s brokerage agnostic implementation. If you ever want to test another execution venue you can deploy your strategy to another location without changing a single line of code. QuantConnect fully models supported order types in backtesting, paper trading, and all the way through to the brokerage execution.

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High Fidelity Modeling

QuantConnect aims to provide the most realistic modeling possible to save you time and money in live trading. Spread, fee, fill and slippage models ensure your backtests match your live trading.


Research your ideas in Jupyer


Backtest with fees and spread modeled
with real market data


Forward test your strategy to gain confidence for live trading

Simulate your strategy with accurate Bitfinex bid-ask spreads before deploying it live to improve your chances in live trading

Test Your Ideas
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Join a Global Community of 170K Quants

Hundreds of thousands of people have chosen QuantConnect as their quantitative analytics platform, powered by a rich API and integrations with dozens of exchanges.






Simulations Daily



What they say

Bill M.

Bill M.


Your entire team consistently demonstrate an obvious commitment to helping people both understand how your product works and keeping them happy by tempering frustrations – and this is nothing short of World Class support. Sincerely, I think QuantConnect is one of the most important financial tools in industry.

Manoj A.

Manoj A.


I love QuantConnect for all of the features - can code my algorithms in C#, my favorite language, the bootcamp series got me up and running in no time, the online documentation makes it so easy to develop, the way QC consolidates ticks, trade and quote bars of different periods into a single event, OnData, simplifies things and my favorite: I can run Lean on my desktop and use all of the features of Visual Studio.

Zack W.

Zack W.


I really appreciate the team's work on QuantConnect, it's a stunning masterpiece. I was a option market maker. I'm using Lean as my core backtesting engine, I think it's super powerful to support both research, backtesting and live-trading, and I believe it would be stronger in future.

Gabriel M.

Gabriel M.


You cannot believe how QuantConnect and Lean project changed my life. I have no words to thank you and the team the impact in my life and my future. Your platform gave me access to a world that is hard to access for individuals like me. Thank you.

Tristan L.

Tristan L.


Multiple students have singled out their time on QC as the single most educational experience of their undergraduate career. Some even said "most fun"! All said it was difficult which should be taken as a compliment because "fun"/difficulty is the holy grail of student reviews.

Peter S.

Peter S.


The platform is very easy for team members to collaborate on the code development simultaneously. Very easy to implement new algorithms with Interactive Brokers.

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