Alpha Streams



We're proud to be running a series of competitions focused on Alpha Streams development solicited by specific client funds. Alpha Streams clients provide a profile of algorithms they'd like to license and the community has a chance to submit matching algorithms and win immediate cash prizes for their submissions.

Intellectual Property

Algorithms submitted to a competition remain your intellectual property. The sponsoring client is allowed a 90-day first option for an exclusive licence from the end of the competition. After the 90 day window they can be licensed through the alpha market to any participating institution.

Open Competitions

Weekly Alpha Streams Competition

$1,000 Prize Pool

Each week, develop algorithms in any asset class using any type of strategy to find alpha. Submissions are due every Sunday by 8pm EST. Learn more.

Resolving Competitions

Liquid ETF

$10,000 Prize Pool

Develop long-only algorithms to find alpha in the market using a universe of 72 liquid ETFs. Competition runs from January 20 to March 20 with winners selected shortly after. Learn more.

Upcoming Competitions

Alpha Fx Competition

$10,000 Prize Pool

Discover alpha in Forex markets using any supported Oanda currency pairs. Submission date TBD.

Past Competitions

Alpha Five

$27,500 Prize Pool

Develop actively trading alphas across five uncorrelated ETF universes. Competition ran November 1 to December 31. Learn more.

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