can I call an attribute initialized in the QCAlgorithmFramework class in other modules?

I initialize

class MyFrameworkAlgorithm(QCAlgorithmFramework):
def Initialize(self):
self.symbolDataBySymbol = {}

then I want to call this symbolDataBySymbol dictionary in Alpha and Execution. 

When I do something like

class MyAlpha(AlphaModel):
def Update(self, algorithm, data):
symbolData = SymbolData()
algorithm.symbolDataBySymbol[symbol] = symbolData

class SymbolData:
'''Contains data specific to a symbol required by this model'''

I get 

Runtime Error: AttributeError : 'QCAlgorithmFramework' object has no attribute 'symbolDataBySymbol' AttributeError : 'QCAlgorithmFramework' object has no attribute 'symbolDataBySymbol'

Why do I want to do that for now? When I get a Alpha signal, I want to determine the stop-order price, store it in SymbolData instance and use it in Execution module by calling algorithm.symbolDataBySymbol[symbol].enrty_price

I saw that in the github examples of Alpha and Execution models that SymbolData class approach is used. The examples are not complete algorithms but only showing the specific module. I figured it would be useful if I can use one SymbolData instance to be used all modules.