Q1) I run the algorithm on daily time frame and put a 16 hours of prediction Interval. The expiry time gets a value of 16:00 tomorrow, although the day ends at 19:00. Why does expiry assume the day ends at 23:59:59? Are the time zone in backtesting increments and the expiry calculation time zone different?

Q2) When the insight is added on Friday, the expiry time gets assigned 14:00 next Monday. I assume 2 hours is subtracted because market opens at GMT 22:00 on Sunday. There is a little, problem here. Although the day is just 2 hours, the portfolio construction model sends the targets to the execution coming from Friday's insights. (I tried to have a model that sends targets of the insights until expiration). Then although my insight expire 16 market-hours later, the behaviour is like that it expires 2 days later. Hence, I have a target on Monday that should have been expired 1-2 days ago at weekend.