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Crowd sourcing for the quants

Wednesday, 25th October 2017

Options Insider Radio Interviews: Crowd Sourcing Algos with QuantConnect

Mark S. Longo

The GDAX exchange, owned and operated by the firm Coinbase has just announced integration with the popular algorithmic trading platform Quantconnect. Now cryptocurrency traders can utilize Quantconnect’s trading algorithm interface to execute a swathe of exchange strategies.

Jamie Redman

The new functionality not only allows sophisticated traders to include digital currencies in their trading strategies but also to backtest and research digital currencies.

John D'Antona

The cryptocurrency market is no stranger to algorithmic trading, with the use of trading bots and automated protocols fueling the activities of market makers, as well as those seeking arbitrage opportunities by taking advantage of varying prices across different exchanges.


Adding cryptocurrencies to the platform allows users to identify, backtest and research ideas, insights and strategies, Additionally, users will have the opportunity to hedge preexisting positions by investing in cryptocurrency.

Avi Mizrahi

In statements, QuantConnect highlighted the apparent natural fit between cryptocurrencies and algorithmic trading, describing it as "the next logical step" for its platform.

Stan Higgins

Through an integration with GDAX, QuantConnect’s technology has been extended to include cryptocurrency assets. Adding cryptocurrencies to the platform allows users to identify, backtest and research new ideas...

Lorna Kiewert

Now QuantConnect has much more opportunities. Clients of this platform have more chances to calculate their steps. Its main functions are associated with identification, backtest and discovering new ideas. Users will also have the opportunity to hedge preexisting positions by investing in cryptocurrencies.

Catherine Zemskova

A Beginner's Guide to Automating investing Strategies.

Jared Broad

Crowdsourcing is an increasingly hot topic in some corners of the finance industry, where a clutch of ambitious start-ups are betting that collective wisdom can be the secret to beating markets or analysing companies better.

Robin Wigglesworth

Online trading firm OANDA is now helping its clients connect to QuantConnect, provider of an open-source cloud-based algorithmic trading engine, the ability to research, build, test and deploy their own trading algorithms directly from OANDA’s platform.

John D'Antona Jr.

..."We started QuantConnect with an engineering approach to finance, and began building a website to provide service. Within our user base, we have hackers, programmers, computer geeks and quants. We give them the tools to be able to develop algorithms"...

Andrew Saks-McLeod

.."QuantConnect gives traders and investors access to a new era of investment empowered with computers – algorithmic trading. Over 75% of the markets are driven by computer trading and individuals cannot compete"..

Mike Fox

OANDA’s clients will be able to build, backtest, and trade using QuantConnect’s algorithmic trading module

Jeff Patterson

..."However, algorithm trading is getting more popular now as you have got better technologies, regulators push towards transparent and electronic trading and it's increasingly becoming difficult to make money using traditional trading tools."...

Atul Prakash

...“We are excited to welcome QuantConnect and its passionate user base as Tradier continues to focus on this Trader segment.”...

Rosemarie Esposito

Mission to Spread Financial Data

Monday, 15th July 2013

..."Markets are 80 per cent driven by algorithms and computers yet only a small handful of people actually have access to the tools and infrastructure that you need to design these algorithms,"

Isobel Ewing

...seeking to democratize algorithmic trading by giving engineers access to free financial data, powerful cloud computing and strategy back-testing...

Davis D. Janowski

With QuantConnect, engineers can develop strategies and iterate models at rates never seen before

Startup Offers Quant Trading for Little Guys

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

QuantConnect is rolling out a cloud-based service that gives aspiring quant managers the tools to design and execute trading strategies ... free of charge.

James Prado Roberts

Is Santiago the next Silicon Valley?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The report lists QuantConnect - a trade management platform - and AgentPiggy - a children's financial advice website - as two of Chile's most successful start-ups.

Hal Hodson

"Chilean Pavilion joined the roster of other Latin American startups at TechCrunch Disrupt in San
Francisco last week"

Mike Butcher

"Quantconnect is a company seeking to democratize tools that banks and hedge funds use to develop trading algorithms"

Alex Williams