About Us

We believe in making the markets safe to invest by giving investors the most powerful investment tools available. By democratizing powerful algorithmic trading technology we are enabling any engineer to design a strategy. With your permission we'll distribute your strategy to investors, earn you competitive performance bonuses, and give investors access to the new era of investing. We are a small, bootstrapped team so if you believe in our vision we'd love your help and support, please contact us, or post to the forums.

We are very flexible and will do our best to meet your every need. If you have a feature request we can normally accommodate it within 7-14 days, and reply to all emails and calls within 12 hours. We built QuantConnect from the ground up for you to be successful in real trading. We know a good strategy is a high performance engine which needs the best tools available.

Core Team

Jared Broad Gustavo Aviles Stefano Raggi Alex Catarino Ray Bohac Andrew Hart

A Special Thanks to Our Community Contributors

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