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Aaron Janeiro Stone
Created Aug 20, 2020


MMath Statistics student at UWaterloo specializing in Stochastic Processes and Stochastic Optimization.


Aaron left a comment on Code Review? Noticing Simple Moving Average(SMA) I...

"Without seeing the data from other providers, I can suggest trying to turn of fillforwardinghttps://..."

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19 hours ago

Aaron left a comment on Lean with TWS on local machine

"Yes, although the particular version of TWS must be specified in the Launcher config file (it is rat..."

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19 hours ago

Aaron left a comment on HasOptions in Universe Selectors

"You could repurpose this, specifically the part# From OptionsAlpha.pycontracts=algorithm.OptionChain..."

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3 days ago

Aaron started the discussion

YouTube Tutorial - Running C# Algorithms Locally using Lean

5 days ago

Aaron left a comment on Canadians not allowed to use Interactive Brokers A...

"Derek Melchin , thanks, can confirm that worked!..."

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3 weeks ago

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