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Created May 5, 2020


Adrian left a comment on Call for Design Input - Documentation V2

"Pandas and Numpy are the bread-and-butter of Python analysis, follow their lead and the barrier to e..."

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8 months ago

Adrian left a comment on Leverage/margins - small quants in trouble?

"Realise an old thread, but Saxo is generally regarded as a euro-based IB equivalent: https://www.ho..."

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8 months ago

Adrian started the discussion

AU200AUD, Second The issue starts at the start of the data; and continues until ...

8 months ago

Adrian left a comment on [Update] Dark Theme for Development Environment

"Thanks Ted!"

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2 years ago

Adrian left a comment on Backtesting against Quandl YAHOO/INDEX_SPY from 19...

"That symbol on Quandl only has data going back to 1993-01-29. If you click on "TABLE" near the top r..."

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7 years ago

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