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Quantitative Developer Intern at QuantConnect | Masters of Financial Mathematics at UChicago


Alethea left a comment on Runtime Error: Algorithm took longer than 10 minut...

"Hi Omid,Backtest mode and live mode are very different. At QC, we try to make backtest as efficient ..."

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11 hours ago

Alethea left a comment on Cannot get Bootcamp example 'Buy and Hold wit...

"Hi Bert,You would need to change the data resolution to Minute to receive minute bars. Please see th..."

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2 days ago

Alethea left a comment on Probably a Stupid Question..... SetHoldings() and ...

"Hi Tebzzz,I have two interpretations of your question. In case I misunderstood your question, I will..."

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3 days ago

Alethea left a comment on Keeping track of multiple StopMarketOrders

"Hi Serkan,You were on the right track. You can store the order tickets in a dictionary with security..."

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3 days ago

Alethea left a comment on Daily Historical Returns from Universe

"Hi N8,You can find information about this in the documentation. Please refer to 'Universe Selection'..."

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7 days ago

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