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Anthony FJ Garner
Created May 5, 2020

Bio Consultant – International Financial Markets I started my career in 1979, as a lawyer in the City of London with Slaughter and May, specializing in commercial and financial work. In 1984 I moved to what is now UBS and spent some years as an analyst and stockbroker with postings in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Zurich. In 1992 I branched out on my own and since that date I have been engaged in consultancy in international finance as well as managing my own portfolio. Please feel free to contact me.


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Interactive Brokers - Seamless Authentication

2 weeks ago

Anthony left a comment on Live Trading Notifications

"I am not sure whether one can open and write to a text file in Quantconnect - I guess I must experim..."

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2 weeks ago

Anthony started the discussion

Live Trading Notifications

2 weeks ago

Anthony left a comment on Dump the Pump

"@Sim123 I'm not sure that is the case. I seem to recall having checked coarse selection prices again..."

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5 months ago

Anthony left a comment on Quality Companies in an Uptrend

"Incidentally anyone using the long bond as a safe haven should look at 1980 30 year bond yields. The..."

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6 months ago

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