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Created May 6, 2020


I am a cyber security manager for a major travel company full time. In my spare time i like to monitor the market, & check on my stocks, options, and forex accounts. I have been trading off and on for 10 years. I have been trading with algorithms for almost 1 year. I have a masters degree in cyber security and an undergraduate degree in business science.


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Where's the love for Forex and Options?

2 weeks ago

Apollos left a comment on Cloud Parameter Optimization / Sensitivity Testing

"im very impressed and can't wait to try this out! "

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2 months ago

Apollos left a comment on Algorithmic Trading Open Discussion Meet-Up

"Hi Lexie,Meetup won't let me RSVP. How can i get a recording if i can' attend? "

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6 months ago

Apollos left a comment on From Research To Production: Long Short-Term Memor...

"Hi Derek,Thank you for the tip. I have been playing around with pytorch since then. Not sure why i d..."

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10 months ago

Apollos left a comment on Backtests aren't running to the set end date.

"Hi I changed line 10 to Daily Res and it loaded fine for me .UniverseSettings.Resolution = Resolutio..."

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10 months ago

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