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Brad left a comment on Desktop backtest UI stopped working

"Hey there Link, is there any news on when version 2 might be available?"

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4 months ago

Brad left a comment on Python/Twitter REST Api

"Ok awesome!  I've seen one example where there was a logic switch for the custom data that could ei..."

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4 months ago

Brad started the discussion

Python/Twitter REST Api

4 months ago

Brad left a comment on Asset price is $0. If using custom data make sure ...

"I'm having a similar issue.  However, I'm trying to run/call the options functions outside of OnDat..."

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5 months ago

Brad left a comment on History Returning Extra Characters in Symbol Name

"It looks like simply using history.index works instead of the history.index.get_level_values(0)!  I..."

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7 months ago

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