I'm a petroleum engineer working in the Middle East. I love programming, automation and trading, and found QuantConnect to be a great option to develop and run some of my systems. The plan is to ultimately have >10 uncorrelated strategies running simultaneously, to increase return and reduce drawdowns on my family accounts, hopefully making money most months.

Trader profile:
- Multi-Strategy. I don't believe in 'buy and hold', as it assumes the assets will grow over my investment lifetime (this is BS assumption). I believe in allocating my capital instead to multiple uncorrelated *robust* strategies with clear positive expectancy.
Positive expectancy should be assured by capturing basic edges based on human behavior such as buying fear/selling greed (mean reversion) or jumping on markets when exhibiting herd behavior (Trend following). No data mining/machine learning/pattern recognition or systems that require constant tweaking or optimisation.

- Multi-System:
* RightEdge + CSI data for futures/CFD trend following + mean reversion strategy over 60 markets. Manual execution - 10 min per day activity
* RightEdge + Yahoo data for simple ETF momentum and volatility strategies. Manual execution - 10 min per month activity
* [Developing] QuantConnect for stock porfolio strategies (Mean reversion + trend following) with automated execution

Activity on QuantConnect

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