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Created Dec 5, 2020
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Carsten left a comment on Simple Example Long Put Hedge

"Louis I think there might be a bug (not in your code) in the way the contracts get treated. The hed..."

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7 months ago

Carsten left a comment on From Research To Production: Hidden Markov Models

"Menno Dreischor try sklearn OneClassSVM, it gave me slighty better results(but much slower). I wa..."

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10 months ago

Carsten started the discussion

Is it possible to run Lean localy in multiprocessing using python framework?

10 months ago

Carsten left a comment on What is your favorite way to run Python backtests ...

"I'm on a Mac, I found it most convenient to use VS Code and run in the terminal inside VS code ./ru..."

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10 months ago

Carsten left a comment on Plotting strategy equity value within a LEAN local...

"Vincent Roye I managed to send it to pyfolio, just a small code"

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10 months ago

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