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Chad Crenshaw
Created May 6, 2020


I've been programming for the better part of a quarter century. I fell in love with computers at an early age. I started writing small programs in BASIC on a Vtech laptop I got one Christmas. Since then, I've learned dozens of programming languages and worked with several software development environments. As a student studying computer science at the University of Pittsburgh, I set out to become an enterprise software engineer and delved into FOREX trading on FXCM in my spare time. Algorithmic trading was a natural progression. QuantConnect has been a God send for strategy development and back-testing.


Chad left a comment on Uploading data files?

"After running into the same issue - trying to read data from a file, but System.IO is disallowed - I..."

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3 years ago

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"A stop order prevents you from losing any more money - it's the price at which you have lost ho..."

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6 years ago

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Starting a Java Project

7 years ago

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"Hi All! My name is Chad and I'm a Java programmer. I'd like to develop a more aggressive retireme..."

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7 years ago

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