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I trained as a lawyer and a data scientist in the late 1990s. I have primarily worked in the technology sector and my day job consists of leading a global team of data scientists for one of the major tech companies. Given infinite resources I would move myself and my family to a remote mountain location and live out my days skiing, kayaking and wandering the hills. Until then, working and tinkering at this computer stuff shall have to suffice.


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AlgoFramework + Alpha Streams. Dealing with limited liquidity?

2 months ago

Chris left a comment on How to compare backtest variations - API?

"As a note on this. My strong prefernce would be to have Optimization run using something like spot i..."

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3 months ago

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TDAmeritrade Stumpy Timeseries Library

4 months ago

Chris left a comment on Getting Started - Multi-pair forex trend system

"Anyone looked at porting this to latest APIs? Guessing that TradeBars changed to QuoteBars for Forex..."

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2 years ago

Chris left a comment on Interactive Brokers for FX

"For those of us outside US. Any issues with running FX algos against IB?"

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2 years ago

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