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Dan Root
Created May 6, 2020


I currently work as the Director of Development & Administration at GHPHC, as well as Owner of my own company Third Eye Cyborg. Check out my website


Dan left a comment on Idea Streams #14 - Predicting Homebuilder Performa...

"Great video / tutorial, I really like the in depth details and explanations! I would love to see som..."

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2 months ago

Dan left a comment on Algorithmic Trading Video Series #10 | Backtesting...

"Love the series, keep up the good work!"

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3 months ago

Dan left a comment on Simple Regression Channel Algorithm

"Thank you for the valuable improvement, I appreciate the feedback! "

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6 months ago

Dan started the discussion

Simple Regression Channel Algorithm

6 months ago

Dan left a comment on New Feature - Time Series Indicators

"Awesome! "

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7 months ago

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