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Master in statistics at UW. Passionate about algorithm trading.


Daniel left a comment on Research Environment Forex Data

"Hi Tony,Please report this data issue here. Thank you so much!..."

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2 days ago

Daniel left a comment on OEX, XEO options

"Hi Gil,Despite the fact that we do have the options data for those symbols, we don't have their unde..."

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3 days ago

Daniel left a comment on RateOfChangePercent Python documentation

"Hi Barry,Thank you for your post. Here I will attach a code snippet for you on how to use RateOfChan..."

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4 days ago

Daniel left a comment on Plotly and Dash

"Hi Chris,I believe Plotly is already in the package list (Dash is part of Plotly). And you can check..."

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4 days ago

Daniel left a comment on Open Range Breakout for Multiple Stocks Not Workin...

"Hi Aaron, In this algorithm, we don't use the MyRiskManagement.cs actually. Basically, there are t..."

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4 days ago

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