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Daniel Chen
Created May 6, 2020


Master in statistics at UW. Passionate about algorithm trading.


Daniel left a comment on Need help importing custom data

"Hi Frost,Thank you for your post and your effort to study the NIFTY example. We should modify the re..."

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3 years ago

Daniel left a comment on R Connectivity and Data Artifacts, Particularly if...

"Hi Brad,Thank you for your feedback and we will take it into consideration. Please check out the lib..."

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3 years ago

Daniel started the discussion

Seasonality Effect based on Same-Calendar Month Returns

3 years ago

Daniel left a comment on Prohibit entry orders after a certain time

"Hi Gmamuze and Jason,Thank you for your posts. As Jason indicated, usingĀ TimeĀ in the OnData() meth..."

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3 years ago

Daniel left a comment on OnEndOfDay hit twice for "same" symbol

"Hi Paul,Most of the time you will not need to work with these encoded strings and only need to work ..."

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3 years ago

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