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Graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Spent 2 years in Equity Derivatives Structuring at a large investment bank. Now working full-time on developing a multi-asset, multi-strategy algorithm with QuantConnect.

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Douglas left a comment on Data.ContainsKey returns false, even though it con...

"Hey - you shouldn't need to call ".Values" or ".Value":foreach(var selectionData in stateData) { ..."

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2 days ago

Douglas left a comment on IB TWS Scale Trader Algo

"Hi - if you're looking for help developing an algorithm from scratch I recommend you use one of the ..."

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3 days ago

Douglas left a comment on Trading a list of Equities

"Hey Nicholas,As discussed over Slack and in case anyone else stumbles upon this thread, here's a few..."

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3 days ago

Douglas left a comment on Migrating my first algo from quantopian to QC.

"Hi Martin,Welcome to QC! I'd recommend going over the Bootcamp tutorials and also taking a look at t..."

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3 days ago

Douglas left a comment on Noob: Need Help understanding this.

"Hey, I'll leave the bit about whether upgrading gives you access to more support to someone from the..."

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2 weeks ago

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