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Graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Spent 2 years in Equity Derivatives Structuring at a large investment bank. Now working full-time on developing a multi-asset, multi-strategy algorithm with QuantConnect.


Douglas left a comment on How to Leverage Control ?

Hi Nhat,SetHoldings does exactly what you've described - it sets the weight of the symbol in questi...

3 days ago

Douglas left a comment on 1) Unable to access logs and 2) Charting should re...

I had tested the deployment ID with and without "L-" at the start and could have sworn ReadLiveAlgor...

5 days ago

Douglas left a comment on Error - Consolidated data, indicator and rolling w...

You're trying to access bbUpperrollingWindow when the name of the variable is self.bbUpperRollingW...

5 days ago

Douglas started the discussion

1) Unable to access logs and 2) Charting should return full range via API

6 days ago

Douglas left a comment on Consolidator timing and warming up indicators

Hi,I believe your issue is similar to one I've faced and raised a GH issue for. I don't think the PR...

7 days ago

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