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Created May 6, 2020


Flame left a comment on Dual Momentum with Out Days

"I think the easiest solution is to use QC's built in SetHoldings function with a list of PortfolioTa..."

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5 months ago

Flame left a comment on Shipped: L1 Equity Quote Data + Instant Universe S...

"Amazing news! Thank you very much team! Does this mean we will be able to get live CBOE index prices..."

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6 months ago

Flame left a comment on UK Retail Investors

"Thanks for adding to the development list Derek!"

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10 months ago

Flame left a comment on Introducing QuantConnect Organizations

"Hi Jared What does Project IP Ownership mean in the pricing?"

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11 months ago

Flame left a comment on UK Retail Investors

"IB provide CFDs on most etfs. These are tradeable in the EU as they have KIIDs. However, the downsid..."

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11 months ago

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