Hector Barrio




Created May 7, 2020


Retail investor seeking validation of past successes attributable mainly to luck. Machine learning and AI enthusiast (pytorch, keras, TF, sklearn).


Hector left a comment on Canadian stock being labeled as being in Market us...

"Bloosnail, I think you are displaying the symbol hash, if you display coarse.Symbol.Value instead y..."

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2 days ago

Hector left a comment on Shipped: L1 Equity Quote Data + Instant Universe S...

"Nice improvements, the instant universe selection brings and improvement in the quality of life. Is ..."

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2 days ago

Hector left a comment on Help me improve this retiree friendly low volatili...

"Mark, there are problem with the data types, you need to cast the data, a list, as a pandas DataFram..."

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3 weeks ago

Hector started the discussion

IB Brokers hard disconnection

3 weeks ago

Hector left a comment on Key Error

"You are welcome Saúl, glad you find it helpful!"

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4 weeks ago

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