Hector Barrio




Created May 7, 2020


Investor seeking validation of past successes. Machine learning and AI enthusiast (pytorch, keras, TF, sklearn). Application of ML and AI methods to asset management and trading.


Hector left a comment on Deciphering the Insights.json file

"Looks like those are Unix timestamps: datetime can tran..."

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11 months ago

Hector left a comment on Math Libraries?

"Jared Broad would it make sense to offer GPU inside the optimization tool? Pay per use at a higher ..."

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11 months ago

Hector left a comment on Reset live trading

"What I have done for this is to copy the code to a new project and restart live trading. You can eve..."

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11 months ago

Hector started the discussion

KELYB, Daily The issue starts from Jun 2nd, 2016 12:00 PM; and continues until J...

12 months ago

Hector left a comment on Why invalid orders in backtest?

"Do not mind the comment, self.Symbols are indeed keyed by the string ticker. Should not be that, but..."

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12 months ago

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