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Ian left a comment on Get Historical Fundamental Data in Algorithm

"I am understanding correctly that we cannot use the morningstar data inside of our alpha?"

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4 weeks ago

Ian left a comment on Forex Trading using Volume Weighted Average Price ...

"Hey I know this is old, but would you mind updating this so it works on the current research build?A..."

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2 months ago

Ian started the discussion

OandA Second/Data - please vote!

2 years ago

Ian left a comment on Scheduling Error in Algorithm

"SetHoldings in python wants a string, so can you first just replace your SetHoldings with just&..."

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2 years ago

Ian left a comment on QQE Indicator / Quantitative Qualitative Estimatio...

"I think I might have just spotted that the "Delay(1).Of" is what I'm looking for, perh..."

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2 years ago

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